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2nd Apr, 20

Brandon Chan's TrueCoders Journey!


This documentary follows one of our students, Brandon Chan, throughout the course of our day program! Brandon was an excellent student, one of the first to class every morning, and the last to leave. He was always eager to learn and brought his best effort to each class. Brandon is now working as a developer at HealthGrades! We're proud to see TrueCoders like Brandon in…

1st Apr, 20

Mark XI Online!


Our online day class kicked off this week! The Mark XI class is having a great time learning the curriculum and socializing with each other! We're thrilled to see these students grow their skills into a lasting career during this COVID-19 pandemic!

27th Mar, 20

Learn to Program from Home!


During this time that we're social distancing, we've moved our classes to an online setting. We want to ensure that our students remain healthy while getting the best education possible! Your success is always what matters the most to us. That's why our president, Daniel Walsh, put together this video, explaining how to be successful while learning remotely! Click the link in our bio to…

27th Mar, 20

Learning Together!


Learning something new can feel like a daunting challenge to face. Trying to face that challenge alone causes many people to quit along the way. That's why at TrueCoders, we learn together! Being surrounded by like-minded people that are motivated to reach a common goal is the BEST way to learn! Together is better! Schedule a call with one of our student advisors. Let us connect you to our…

24th Mar, 20

The Effects of the Corona Virus on IT


The Corona Virus won’t change the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS open IT jobs in the U.S! In 2019 there were 700,000 UNFILLED IT jobs in the United States! Take advantage of ‘social distancing’ and learn how to build apps and websites from home! We’ve been investing our time and resources into bringing the TrueCoders' experience online! Now you can have our classroom experience from anywhere in the world. Schedule…

16th Mar, 20

One Reason Why Software Development is the Best Job to Have!

With the current Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have moved toward working remotely (from home). Did you know that OVER HALF of the IT field in the US works remotely? Think about all the benefits of being able to work from your own home.

Software development is within the top 5 most common remote jobs in the world! The need for talented and hardworking developers is…

7th Mar, 20

Meet Brian, Andrew, and Michael!


Meet three of our students currently enrolled in our Birmingham day class! (Listed from right to left)

Meet Brian! - “Before enrolling in TrueCoders, I had spent 9 years at Apple honing my people skills and working adjacent to the tech industry, but never really getting my hands directly into development. After deciding to pursue my dream career as a game developer, I founded a games…

22nd Jan, 20

Meet Brandon Chan!


“Before TrueCoders, I graduated from Auburn and went to New York. I did some odd jobs here and there, handing out fliers. Eventually, I worked my way into an office position. I started off doing business development. I went to local businesses and bought counter space. I worked my way up to a product management position where I was working with software developers every day. I…

3rd Jan, 20

Meet Jared Prather!


"I was a junior in high school when I first met Truecoders. Back then, I couldn't find anywhere in Birmingham where I could learn to code until I met Truecoders at a workshop. I enjoyed learning from there, which led me to join the class next summer. After the class, I am now studying Software Engineering at Auburn University. I am already a step ahead of…

4th Dec, 19

Meet Nicholas Pickett!


"Before TrueCoders, I was working at FedEx making deliveries. I knew it wasn't a career that I wanted to pursue in the long run. I was interested in software development before I heard about TrueCoders. When I met and talked with Daniel, it sounded like a great opportunity. TrueCoders was the jumpstart I needed in my career as a software developer. The environment was great. Our…

23rd Nov, 19

Community and Culture


I walked in about ten minutes late on Monday of week 4. It was cold, cloudy, and damp outside, one of those days you just want to stay in bed. I had a case of the Mondays. I hoped to sneak in late to class and sit down without making a fuss.


Instead, the entire classroom clapped for me when I entered the room—the exact…

22nd Nov, 19

Meet Nate McCay!


“Before TrueCoders I was a forklift driver at Tyson. I felt like I had no future and no job security. I first heard about TrueCoders from Daniel while walking around at the Galleria. At first, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but decided to give it a try. TrueCoders was an awesome learning experience, it was well-paced' and the instructors cared. My classmates…

20th Nov, 19

Meet Will Jones!


"TrueCoders essentially saved my life, and that isn't a hyperbolic overstatement; This program has not only taught me the most quintessential programming skills in order to thrive in a competitive and expanding market, but also has introduced me to an extraordinary community of extremely like-minded people, and for me, that was a life-changing opportunity." 

19th Nov, 19

Meet Ben Gazzini!


“I started off working in the service industry, mostly bars. I was working crazy hours. I felt stuck where I was, with no career options in front of me. I decided to try to learn how to code after talking about it with my brother. I tried learning online, but it’s so overwhelming. Coming to TrueCoders was the best thing I’ve done for my future and…

6th Aug, 19

Is a CS Degree Worth It?


Many people ask me throughout the week, “Would a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science be a better option for me than attending a coding bootcamp that is non-accredited?” The quick answer is NO! But let me explain my reasoning a little more so you can understand how I have come to this viewpoint. First of all, I think there are three main factors that come into play when making a college decision, so…