Developer Night Track

  • Learn software development with enterprise technology in 6 months

  • The schedule for this course is either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesday and Thursdays.

  • Classes meet from 6:30pm - 8:30PM.

  • Lab is on Friday from 5:30pm-8:30pm 2 hours of lab is required.

  • Our next class starts September 16th 2019.

  • The class cost $9500 for the full 6 months of training and includes our placement team working during the 6 months and after with you full-time until you’ve been placed in a developer position.

  • Financing options are available.



C# and .NET

C# is one of the hottest skill sets in the market these days. Proficiency in this framework will virtually guarantee your place in the market. End to end from language basics, design patterns, tips and tricks, and gotchas. We have it all covered here.


Java is one of the hottest skill sets in the market these days. Proficiency in this language will virtually guarantee your place in the market. End to end from language basics, design patterns, tips and tricks, and gotchas. We have it all covered here.


Proficiency in the ASP.NET MVC framework is an essential tool in your C# and .NET toolbox. We’ll make sure that your dynamic web apps are built from the ground up with best practices in mind.

Source Control

There are no respectable programmers that don’t know how to use source control these days and we wouldn’t feel good about ourselves if we didn’t cover Git in depth and a common working knowledge of all the other market leaders in source control. Tips and tricks and best practices included!


Without a working knowledge of the tools of the trade, how are you expected to be valuable in the workplace? Learning the essentials utilities of the trade are as critical as a plumber knowing how to use a wrench. It’s absolutely essential that you know how to get around VPN, RDP and have a basic working knowledge of networking and file permissions.


How do you know your right until you test? The reality is that if you haven’t tested then you’ve got something wrong. Knowing how to properly test your code for accuracy and security is one of the very first steps in becoming a coder and is critical becoming someone who delivers things that just work.


Knowing how to setup, configure and write code with proper logging conventions can save hours of debugging time when fixing a problem in production. We cover the market leader log4net in depth and give you strategies so that you can keep things running smooth, on their machine and not just yours.


Browser tooling cross all language and platform barriers when developing for the web. A large knowledge of Webkit based debuggers (Chrome, Safari) can change your world as we shift towards more and more happening on the client side instead of after POST back. This skillset is an amplifier across all web frameworks you come across.

Relational Databases

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a company that’s using a relational database. Honing your talent here will make you the “goto person” at any organization and will secure your place in the organization. In this course, we’ll learn not just how to write the SQL but how to performance tune it so that it spins like a top!


Diagnostic skills can be learned and developed just like anything else and we are going to give you the ultimate cheat sheet to get to the bottom of the problem/bug. Learn how to be the one with all the answers and the world is your oyster. Or as Capcom says… “Knowledge is power”


Design Patterns, Design Patterns, Design Patterns. If you don’t know the common design patterns then it’s virtually assured that you aren’t writing testable code. Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the course.


Gone is the day of greybeards sitting in the dark by themselves coding for hours. The best programmers today have lots of friends. If it’s a lone soldier up against an army, I’m betting on the army every time. Learn how to expand your network and fully leverage the coders you know by being connected and being engaged. We’ll help you get started!



Enjoy weekly activities, bonding with your classmates, in and out of the class room. Participate in soccer matches, laser tag, even the daily ping pong tournament. As part of the TrueCoders community you have a network of alumni who are here to help you along the way. The friendships you create during class turn into lifelong friendships.


No other programming course can compete with our 70% placement rate. Prior to graduation, we prepare you by polishing your resume, creating networking opportunities, and even host practice interviews. You'll already have the skillsets necessary for the job. Let's make sure you have the job to compliment it afterwards. 


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