Francesca marciani

"TrueCoders came into my life when I was hungry for a new career with dynamic needs, portable tools, and boundless potential. At TC, the learning process is such that every piece of information you're taught can be developed into demonstrable, in-demand skills. My classmates were fiercely supportive of one another, and we challenged ourselves on a constant basis. The staff love what they do and are eager to see you succeed, and they make it a point to ensure that they're with you for the whole process--from the first week of class to the wonderfully surreal experience of accepting your first tech job. You won't believe how far you've come in such a short amount of time!"


Darius Witherspoon

TrueCoders was a great experience for me! I learned a lot in a short period of time. Before this class, I  did not have any prior experience in programming. The teachers were excellent and were really concerned with your progress and understanding. Truecoders helped with resumes and interviews skills needed to land a job in the computer programming. After applying to several companies Truecoders landed me a job with a great company. I would recommend this class for anyone trying get a crash course in programming. With dedication and commitment you can finish and land a job.


Michael Doyle

"You’re going to learn an insane amount of information and it’s going to be an awesome and challenging experience while doing so!"