Be Mentored Be Connected


TrueCoders provides the mentorship and support to become a developer quickly!

At TrueCoders, we are focused on practical, placeable knowledge. 

Our mission is to educate smart and passionate people as they become skilled developers, keeping them engaged in working with companies solving real-world problems and continuing mentorships them as they grow their skill set.


Our curriculum is run through a simple test. Does it help place our students into jobs? 

It’s why our first course focused on C# and .NET, and why we’ve added support for Java. It’s why we focus on real-world exercises, reinforcing the use of source control, making pull requests, and handling merge conflicts. We don’t just teach what we love; we teach what works.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring TrueCoders:

  • Learn soft skills in order to work with people.
    Achieve real-world programming skills.
    Establish a process to elevate your career.

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