TrueCoders Team

Our mission is to educate smart and passionate people as they become skilled developers, to keep them engaged working with companies solving real-world problems, and to continue mentoring them as they grow their skill set.

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Daniel Walsh


Daniel got started in software development at a young age building his first mobile app at 17. Over the past nine years his focus has been on working with the business and startup community to launch and grow technology-focused products. Before starting TrueCoders Daniel worked with several tech companies in Birmingham, which shaped his belief that a healthy pool of developers is needed in every city in order to support a vibrant tech ecosystem. Frustrated that local developer training programs were overpriced and didn’t provide the skills needed to land a job quickly, Daniel applied his experience to build a program that would solve what he says are the three missing ingredients: marketable skills, career navigation, and a support community.

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Chip Elmer

Director of Software Development & Education

TrueCoders turns a student's desire to create software into a set of real, employable skills, and Chip enjoys taking students through that process.  As the Director of Software Development & Education, his role is to teach, demonstrate, and cultivate both technical and creative skills to each student and to other instructors.  Chip's background includes creating applications in C# with backend MSSQL databases as well as developing custom software solutions for complex corporate requirements.  He has also tracked and advised project budgets totaling in excess of $100 million, worked with project teams ranging from 3 to 50+ people, and delivered customized solutions to businesses ranging from less than 100 employees to Fortune 500.  Chip thrives on designing creative software that enables businesses to operate more efficiently and reliably, and he leans on his experience and skillset to improve TrueCoders and its students.

Brandon Dowds


Brandon is a Instructor who works with TrueCoders students to teach them how to code. He loves working with each individual student and seeing their skills grow on their journey to becoming developers. He has been programming for 3 years and has worked on several projects, including the creation of a terminal based text game that can be used to increase type and logic processing speed. Brandon is a trained developer in C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML and SQL and holds an Associates in Programming from Wallace State.



Susan brings an extensive background managing financials for tech companies in the Birmingham area to the TrueCoders team. Susan works with each individual student to make sure they have a plan crafted that fits their schedule and economics.

Board Members

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Mike Oakman

Chairman of the Board

Mike has experience developing programs and solutions related to International Professional Services, Project Management and software development within the IT industry global community. His previous roles have been with Sungard, Command Data, Southern Computer Systems and Scan-Optics.

After graduating from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a B.S. in Marketing, Mike attended Harvard Business School and completed their Executive Education Program. In addition he has completed the CLG Executive High Impact Executive Coaching Program and is a certified and avid follower of Miller Heiman’s strategic selling and pragmatic marketing processes. In addition to being a lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Mike is also Pragmatic Product Marketing certified. He serves on the board of several Birmingham organizations, including the ITT Advisory Board.

Dean Hodge


Dean is an experienced leader in Innovative Insurance Solutions with a demonstrated history of accomplishments. Skilled in Sales, IT Strategy, Professional Services, and Product Development. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in EE from Mississippi State University.

Martin Murphy


Martin has spent the last 13 years as the Owner/Founder of Whiteboard it helping startups and enterprises build new technology on numerous platforms.  Over the years he found that he had as much love for teaching as he did for building. He's one of our founders and he's engaged helping us to tailor our curriculum to match the needs of a hungry market.  He's excited and thrilled to be a part of a company that's making such a difference in Birmingham's talent.